St. Christopher Religious Education

Religious Education Plan for St. Christopher Parish 2020-2021


After prayer, research, planning and trying to meet the challenges of this unique time period that we find ourselves in, we are offering the following options for our Faith Formation program.

  1. Option A- Faith Formation in the Home- using for grades K to 8 it is a family faith on-line program from Loyola Press. There will be a schedule, a link provided to the parents and an explanation of how the program runs. There will be biweekly contact with Marie Sajsa just to make sure things are running smoothly. Grade 9 will have access to a subscription to “Good Ground Press” Spirit program and lesson plans.
  1. Option B- Weekly Classes- via distance learning. Students will be assigned to a small class, grade specific, with a catechist who will meet with them during regular Faith Formation class times. Students will be provided with a textbook and supplies. Classes will be held on Monday or Tuesday. The catechists will come to Saint Christopher Parish to conduct the classes. A link will be provided for joining the class. Any crafts or worksheets the student will complete and show during class. We will be using Loyola Press textbooks and materials will be provided at the beginning of the program.
  1. Option C- In person classes- Limited to grades K to 4 only because we have limited space. Students will be assigned to a catechist by grade, classes will be small; socially distant and adhere to the CDC guidelines. They will be Monday or Tuesday and will be weekly.  They will be held in the Parish center and will be conducted 6:15 pm-7:30 pm. We will use the same program as distance learning.
  1. Option D- Friday night- will be held at St. Christopher Parish and are open to grades 6 to 9.  Classes will be held on a monthly basis and there will be an in person and distance learning option.  We are limiting each grade to 12 students. Tentative schedule is 10/23, 11/13, 12/11, 1/22, 2/12, 3/5, 4/16 from 6:30 pm-8:00 pm. There will be journaling assigned on the gospels to cover the time between classes and a simple review of the lesson assignment. For grades 6 to 8 we will use Loyola and grade 9 will use the Spirit Program and each student will be provided with link to the program. For Option D please indicate in person or distance.​​​​​​

Grade 10 with Confirmation in the Fall of 2021- information will be mailed in December with classes and the program starting in February for those in the non-parochial schools. Please register for the 10th grade program so that we can have an accurate count.


  1. Classes will begin the third week of October and continue until the middle of May. A schedule will be provided that accounts for holidays and other events. In late September, a parent meeting will be scheduled for material pick up and an explanation of the program.
  2. We will prepare for the sacraments as we normally do in 2nd and 3rd grade.
  3. We will follow strict CDC guidelines and protocols and a list of the guidelines will be provided.

We are asking that you complete your registration form and return it to us. We will review and then send you the link to access the payment program by email.  Please provide us an email address as most of our correspondence is by email.

FACTS (payment program) will also be helping to facilitate payments for our religious education program.  Since processes have changed due to our current pandemic environment and parents have asked for payment options to make it easier to pay fees, parents with children in our religious education program will also be using a FACTS payment platform. An information flyer is included with this packet. Please note: There is a surcharge of $5.00 per family for this service so we have decided to keep the fees at the same level as last year. The fee will be charged by the service when you register for your payment plan. 

Contact us by phone 694-4310, fax 693-5639, or email at 

Marie Sajsa

Director Religious Ed.


Karen Flanagan

Administrative Assistant


Ashley Herdlein

Program Assistantant