Welcome to St. Christopher Parish

Dear Family,

We have an awesome God! St. Paul reminds us of this in a beautiful way today in his letter to the Ephesians. St. Paul reminds us that God has destined us for adoption to Himself, has redeemed us through the sacrifice of Jesus, has made known to us the mystery of His will, has chosen us, and has allowed us to hear the words of truth through the Gospel! How often do we forget all of these things! And these are general blessings. Think of all the blessings God has given to each of us as individuals! Now it is our turn to take this message of St. Paul into all of the world. Jesus selects and sends the Twelve in our Gospel to do exactly that in their time. Today He sends each of us. Are we keeping up our part of the covenant with Him? Are we spreading the Gospel to our children, grandchildren, family and friends through our words and actions?

Just a few parish housekeeping items!

SummerFest is just three weeks away and we need more volunteers!!! PLEASE volunteer even just a couple of hours of your time over the three days. You’ll be surprised at how much fun it really is to minister beside our fellow parishioners and to get to know more of the St. Chris family!

A number of people have asked how much more money we are spending on the new high-quality bulletins. The answer is NOTHING! We never have and we still do not pay for the bulletins. The cost of the bulletins is covered by the wonderful advertisers on the back two pages. So please give your business to them and thank them for the support of our parish!

You will notice in the alcove with the Holy Family statue four new beautiful icons of the life of the Holy Family. They were donated to the parish so again, we did not spend any parish money on these beautiful images!

Finally, thank you to the anonymous person who put a note in the collection about bulletins not being out. I have reminded the ushers that they are to be placed out after Mass starts but before Holy Communion so that those who choose to leave Mass early can take one with them. I apologize for those times that this did not happen.

Praised Be Jesus Christ…Now and Forever!!!

Rev. Steven Jekielek, Pastor



Mission Statement

We, the people of St. Christopher Parish, journey to the heavenly kingdom of God our Father by following the example and service of Jesus Christ his Son, inspired daily by the Holy Spirit to lead faith-filled Christian lives.









Sat. 4:30 PM  
Sun. 7:30, 9:00 & 11:00 AM

Mon., Wed., &  Fri. 6:45 AM
Tues. & Thurs.   8:00 AM

Wed. 7:00 - 8:00 PM
Sat.   3:45 - 4:15 PM
or anytime by appointment


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