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Dear Family,

John Calvin, a protestant reformer, created his own theological belief in ‘once saved, always saved’. This was never the belief of the Church! If one were to accept this belief, then all one would have to do is say with conviction ‘I claim Jesus as my Lord and Savior’ once in life and then they could live their lives any way they wanted and they would be assured of eternal life! How ridiculous! Of course Calvin rejected St. James’ letter from Scripture that we had as our Second Reading today. St. James is refuting this very clearly. He states that our lives must reflect our claimed faith. We cannot just say I am a follower of Christ and then spend our lives living in sinful ways. Our life must be a reflection of our stated belief. All one needs to do is read the Bible, both Old and New Testaments to find many examples of this. Throughout the Old Testament, every time the Jewish people turned from God and lived immoral lives, very bad things happened to them. It wasn’t until they repented of their ways that God’s favor returned to them. Then read the Gospels. When Jesus forgave the sins of people during His ministry, He would warn them not to sin again. Yes He forgave them as He does us when we go to Confession and repent of our sins, but He reminded them that they must reform their lives and live in accord with God’s commands. God will never deny us salvation. Jesus sacrificed Himself on the cross for that very purpose. And we cannot earn our salvation by works. However, we most certainly can reject the salvation offered to us freely by God and we do this by living lives contrary to God’s commands. Let us heed the words of St. James. May our lives and our works always be a true, faithful reflection of our professed faith in Jesus!

Praised Be Jesus Christ…Now and Forever!!!

Rev. Steven Jekielek, Pastor



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We, the people of St. Christopher Parish, journey to the heavenly kingdom of God our Father by following the example and service of Jesus Christ his Son, inspired daily by the Holy Spirit to lead faith-filled Christian lives.









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