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Dear Family,

Today’s readings speak to us of resurrection. Ezekiel, who lived about 600 years before Jesus was born, speaks to us of a time when God will raise us from the tomb and place His Spirit within us so that we may live. What a beautiful image for the people of Ezekiel’s time and for us! It provided a sense of peace for people in a troubled time. We hear the story of the death and raising of Lazarus in our Gospel Reading. This is a very familiar story for us. Lazarus was in the tomb for four days before Jesus arrived in Bethany. Jesus’ friends tried to warn Him not to head to Bethany because people were trying to kill Him there. But Jesus was not to be deterred and His followers went along. Thomas led the charge to accompany Jesus! We tend to remember him for his doubting of the resurrection, but in this scene he was fearless! He stated he was ready to go and die with Jesus if that meant being there for their friends. That is compassion! That is the mission of the Christian people! We need to remember that when we are baptized, we die with Christ and rise with Him to new life! That is the fulfillment of Ezekiel’s prophecy! Even before our physical death, we as Christian people have already been given His Spirit so that we may live forever! These readings of the Fifth Week of Lent are already pointing us to the joy of Resurrection! Let us take great comfort in the promise of Easter! It is a difficult time for us all, but we are a people of hope! I have witnessed people coming together in new ways even though we cannot meet together around God’s Altar! Facetime and other means of video communication are being used. People are spending time with family. I hope that we are slowing down to eat meals together as a family with the TV and music off. Let us use this time of forced slowdown to reflect on what is important in life! It’s not money. It is not sports. It is not about stuff. It is about our faith and connecting with one another! God has a way of making good things come from the difficult times. Maybe this is His lesson for us during this time. We need each other! Humans need interpersonal encounters that are not done via electronics. Gaming with people around the world isn’t cutting it. Texting isn’t cutting it. Facebook and Twitter aren’t cutting it. Those means of communication just allow us to gossip and say things we would not say in person. Face to face encounters are what we as human beings need. Let us use technology for the moment to keep in touch. But I have heard from so many that they miss being together at Mass. They miss being at work and in school. They miss being with other human beings. Once this is over, let us move on renewed and refreshed with a new perspective on what is really important in life…our faith in God and our need for each other! 

Praised Be Jesus Christ…Now and Forever!!!

Father Steve

Good Morning All!

I hope that all is well with you!  I wanted to alert you to a wonderful opportunity!  As some of you know, the Buffalo Catholic Men's  Conference was cancelled due to the virus.  This is happening around the country.  A group of organizers got together and have created a virtual men's conference that will include an incredible array of speakers.  You may or may not be interested but I thought I would send this invite!  Please spread the word!!!! Information and signup can be found HERE.

God Bless....

Father Steve

Tuesday School Mass 3/31/20

5th Sunday of Lent Mass

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We, the people of St. Christopher Parish, journey to the heavenly kingdom of God our Father by following the example and service of Jesus Christ his Son, inspired daily by the Holy Spirit to lead faith-filled Christian lives.

We are asking all parishioners to update their email address by sending an email to rectory@saintchris.org. This will enable us to update you as conditions change. Know that our thoughts and prayers are with each and everyone one of you during this difficult time.    

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Bishop Edward Sharfenburger Offers Encouragement and Guidance During the Coronavirus Pandemic - Video Here

Holy See grants indulgence to coronavirus patients and Catholics who pray for them.













Bishop Edward B. Scharfenberger announces that there will be no regularly
scheduled public Masses in the Diocese of Buffalo until further notice due to an abundance of
caution and growing concerns about the spread of the novel coronavirus.

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