Pastoral Council

The St. Christopher Pastoral Council is made up of nine elected parishioners, the Pastor, and key staff personnel. Elected parishioners serve for a period of three years. The work of the Pastoral Council is to assist the Pastor, in voice and volunteerism, in his decision making process in making the Parish mission a reality.

Responsibilities of Pastoral Council

1. To remain actively involved in the life and spirit of the Parish

2. To determine Parish needs and establish Parish priorities and goals.

3. To encourage increased parishioner involvement.

4. The Pastoral Council member does not implement, but in a prayerful and supportive

     manner supplies direction, evaluates assets and sets priorities.

The Pastoral Council itself is a planning body, the Council's committees are the action bodies and serve to implement the vision and plans of the Council.  The committees determine how goals and priorities of the Council will be actualized in their specific areas of Parish life.  At least one Council member must be a member of each committee with the responsibility of reporting activities and concerns to the Council.

Our Members are:   President - Andrea Robinson, Vice President - Jim Tomsic, Secretary - Clair Siemens, Members: Amy Abramaitys, Elizabeth Brant, Kristie Werth and Karen Grey

Click [here] for the St. Christopher Pastoral Council By-Laws.

Click [here] for the Constitution of the St. Christopher Pastoral Council.



Pastoral Council Nominee Form