St. Christopher Religious Education


Dear Families;

This year we are offering both in person classes and faith formation in the home. To both of those programs we are adding a family component. We will continue our Friday night program and 10th grade which is pre- Confirmation and continues into the fall of 11th grade.

Below is a summary of what we are planning:

In person classes on Monday and Tuesday nights 6:15-7:30 grades K to 8; using Christ our Life Loyola Press Grade 9 will use SPIRIT

Faith Formation in the Home using family program from Loyola Press; families are given a schedule to follow and material.

Both groups will be asked to gather for 4 themed sessions for families during the year; there will be prayer and activities to highlight the seasons and a review of the material covered so far in classes and home.

Suggested topics-Depending on # registered we may need to 2 sessions of each- night to be determined. Information night: Advent , Lent/Easter, Pentecost

Please see calendar for dates.

Friday night 7 times per year on a Friday classes are 2 and ½ hours long for grades 6 to 9 with separate classes for each grade and a multitude of activities. Classes are held on the St Chris campus. We will ask parents to come in for session 1 only to help them understand what we will be doing and obtain the necessary materials and talk about the safe environment material.

We do ask the students after the first session to do reading before class it helps get a head start on the material.

Parent help as hall monitors and distributing the papers and snacks.

Sacramental Preparation

 First Reconciliation -2nd grade both weekly and Faith Formation in the Home will be offered- and Baptism celebration.

Combination of Christ our Life and Blessed from Dynamic Catholic.

Family participation in retreats and Parents meetings.

Enrollment Mass Retreats and Parent meeting for both school and Religious Education

First Communion 3rd grade both school and Religious Education

For Religious Education we will offer weekly in person classes and Faith formation in the home. We use Christ our Life and Blessed

For both School and Religious Education

Enrollment Mass-Bible celebration- Retreats Parent meetings- Church tour and behind the scenes tour-teaching Mass

10th grade and Confirmation Preparation

10th grade public school faith sharing groups starting in January of 10th grade year: Using Dynamic Catholic Decision Point Service component for both Public School students and Catholic school-Combined parent meeting for both groups.

Additional information- By this point I had thought that Pandemic would be under control. We will take all precautions with in person classes including masks while in the building; social distancing; sanitizing the classrooms.  If you are nervous about sending your child, we will work with you to come up with a solution.

Contact us by phone 694-4310, fax 693-5639, or email at 

Marie Sajsa

Director Religious Ed.


Karen Flanagan

Administrative Assistant


Ashley Herdlein

Program Assistantant