First Communion Information

First Communion Celebration

Thank you for being patient with us as we work to have a beautiful and meaningful celebration that celebrates the true meaning of the Sacrament.

We have worked diligently to make sure everyone is safe during the celebrations. We are asking that everyone attending wear masks. Even though there has been a relaxing of the mask rules by the Diocese and the State we have a number of families who have health issues and we need to ask that masks remain on. Using the available pews in church we have assigned spots for each family to sit. Your pew will be marked with the child’s name and the banner picture they provide.


  1. Please arrive no earlier than 30 minutes before the celebration and no later than 15 minutes before we are scheduled to start.
  2. Please check in at the table in the Narthex, we will be taking the child’s temperature as they come in.
  3. One of our ushers will seat you in the assigned family pew.
  4. Prior to Mass beginning; there will be announcements and some reminders such as social distance guidelines.
  5. When it comes time for Distribution of Communion; we will call up each child. Everyone in the pew should come up. Please allow the child to lead the group. Parents please remove the child’s mask when they leave the pew. Please return to your pew using the same aisle you came down at this point the child can put their mask on.
  6. After receiving communion please return to your pew and once everyone has received Communion; we will continue with the Mass.
  7. After the celebrant leaves the sanctuary; please wait for the ushers to direct the rows to leave. Please take your pew sign and stop by the table in the Narthex to pick up the bag with banner and other items.
  8. We will have picture taking spots available.

Link for live streaming of the Mass will be emailed to each family for that celebration with instructions 3 days before the celebration