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They are the ones who . . . bear fruit through perseverance. (Luke 8:15)

Perseverance: we all know what it means. Don’t give up. Keep going when the going gets tough. Grit your teeth and keep trying hard. All of which sounds unpleasant at best and, at times, nearly impossible.

But why does Jesus use this word when describing the “rich soil”—the people in whom God’s word takes root and bears good fruit (Luke 8:15)? Perhaps because without perseverance, it’s much more difficult to be fruitful. Just look at the people described in today’s parable. Those on rocky ground received God’s word with joy, but they believed “only for a time” (8:13). And rather than hold fast in adversity, those in thorn-infested soil allowed themselves to become “choked by the anxieties and riches and pleasures of life” (8:14).

Perseverance is key to every aspect of our spiritual journey. We need to persevere as we battle temptation and the lies of the devil. We have to persevere to fight the distractions that take our focus off of God and place it onto lesser things that don’t satisfy us. And most important, we need to persevere in prayer.

When we spend time with God each day, we are more able to bear fruit for God and his kingdom. It’s in prayer that God gives us the grace to face our challenges and the will to carry on. So if we can persevere in prayer, we’ll find the strength to persevere in everything else he is asking of us.

It’s not always easy to stay faithful to daily prayer. So often, life gets in the way. If you’re struggling in this area, ask God to help you. He can point out times in your busy day when you might be able to get away for some precious time with him, even if for only a few minutes. Perhaps you could ask a friend to intercede for you. Just keep trying, and know that over time, your daily “appointment” with God can become the most treasured part of your day—one you won’t ever want to miss!

“Jesus, help me persevere in prayer so that I can bear fruit for you.”

1 Timothy 6:13-16
Psalm 100:1-5


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