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A Letter from Magnificat


Dear Friends,

As the response to the coronavirus has escalated, public Masses have been cancelled in much, if not all, of the country. This is a very painful and unexpected state for us as Catholics. I encourage you to pray, very simply and sincerely, and trust that your hunger for the Eucharist is a truly an occasion for grace and is very pleasing to our Lord. Jesus knows that we long to be united with him in Holy Communion.

Many of you have begun to watch televised or streamed Masses from the internet and follow along with your MAGNIFICAT. This is a very good option in these circumstances. But even if you cannot do that, I encourage you to continue to pray with your MAGNIFICAT throughout these days, for however long they last, confident that in your prayer and meditation Jesus remains close to you. Please encourage others, especially those who are struggling at this moment, to pray with MAGNIFICAT using the free access online or with the app.
Additionally, we offer, here at this link, a celebration of the Word which you could use this Sunday alone or with family. If possible, place a simple cross or crucifix prominently in the room and light one or more candles. You can also place an image of the Virgin Mary there if possible. As a family, choose the one who leads the prayer, and someone to do the readings. 
Finally, remember that, apart from the Mass, the Holy Rosary is one of the most powerful and efficacious forms of prayer that we have. It is a time-tested and saint-proven way of entering deeply and intimately into the mysteries of Christ’s life, and to unite ourselves to the most powerful prayers of the Blessed Mother.

On the Solemnity of Saint Joseph, the Holy Father invited people to around the world to join him in praying the rosary for the protection of families, and many dioceses have encouraged people to pray the rosary for an end to this pandemic. Especially at this moment, the rosary can be a spiritual lifeline. We can pray it for ourselves, our families, and all those who are suffering and dying, those we do not even know. We trust that Mary is with us, as she has promised to be, now and at the hour of our death. 

In Jesus and Mary,
Fr. Sebastian, O.P.



On Friday, Bishop Scharfenberger announced that all Catholic faithful are dispensed from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass and Holy Days of Obligations. A full list of parishes that offer live-streamed Masses can be found HEREIn addition, all other parish events and large gatherings are to be postponed, including Confirmations. Funerals will continue to be conducted, though with only immediate family present until further notice. All Catholic schools will remain closed until April 20, 2020. Additional information about schools and home study instruction will be made available HERE. 



Click the links below for daily morning prayer from Magnificat and daily Mass readings from The Word Among Us!



The Word Among Us


In addition to its online edition, MAGNIFICAT is now offering complimentary access to its iOS and Android Apps throughout May. To register for free access in English, visit For free access in Spanish, visit and register at

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Living with Christ is offering FREE downloadable PDFs of daily and Sunday mass texts HERE. You can also download our FREE Living with Christ and Vivir En Cristo prayer apps, for either iPhone or Android smart phones, to get the daily scripture readings and a wide variety of prayers in English and Spanish.

Living Faith Kids Daily Catholic Devotions is free for all families to access online through the end of March. You can get free temporary access here: Living Faith Kids March 2020

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