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Altar Servers    Paulena Gardner 692-2660 x 300

Baptisms (Infants)  Paulena Gardner 692-2660 x 300 - Call to sign up for the Baptism Preparation Session for parents. Then call to sign up for a time for the Baptism after you have taken the preparation session.

Becoming a Catholic   Deacon Tom Healey 692-2660 - RCIA for Adults and children over 7 years of age interested in more information about the Catholic Church or in preparation for sacraments

Bulletin Notices    Anne Yeskoot 692-2660 x 311   Articles are due in the Parish Office ten days before the desired weekend of publication.

Communion Calls to the Sick or Homebound - The Sacraments are brought to ill and homebound parishioners. Contact the Parish Office at 692-2660.

In case of accident or sudden illness, call 692-2660 anytime. Notify the parish if a family member is hospitalized.

Funeral Preparations    Parish Office  692-2660

Hospital Visits   Contact the Parish Office 692-2660; Hospitals do not provide this information.

Letters of Recommendation    Parish Office  692-2660 -Letters of recommendation to act as sponsors at Baptism or Confirmation are prepared for registered members of the parish who have been confirmed, attend Mass and receive Communion regularly. If member is married, they are to have a marriage blessed by the Church and, if parents, send their children to Catholic School or Religious Education (Gr. 1-10) classes.

Mass Intentions    Please visit the Parish Office

Outreach: 692-2660 ext. 402

Food Pantry & Clothes Closet  Outreach Ofc.  692-2660 ext. 402

St. Vincent de Paul  692-2660 ext. 402

Prayer Chain Requests  Parish Office 692-2660                                          

Registering in the Parish   Parish Office  692-2660 - A Staff member will personally register you at a time convenient for you.

Religious Education Info   Religious Education Office 694-4310 or click here to view their website information

Sacraments for Children  Religious Education Office 694-4310

St. Christopher School   School Office  693-5604         

Schedule a Room/Event  Paulena Gardner 692-2660

Sick Call Emergencies    Parish Office  692-2660

Weddings     Fr. Steven Jekielek  - Call Fr. Steve at 692-2660 for an appointment.




St. Christopher Church

2660 Niagara Falls Blvd.
Tonawanda, NY 14150
Office: 716-692-2660    Fax: 716-693-5639

St. Edmund Campus

550 Ellicott Creek Rd.
Tonawanda, NY 14150


Phone: 716-693-5604
Fax:     716-693-5127

Religious Education

    Phone:  716-694-4310

Outreach/St Vincent de Paul

   550 Ellicott Creek Rd     Phone: 716-564-9023