Caring Clown Skits


1. The Lost Sheep  Preparation for Reconciliation

Interactive - Discussion: Should the Good Shepherd leave the 99 to find the lost sheep?  Ends with a celebration gift or treat

2You Are the Apple of God's Eye       Preparation for Reconciliation

Scripture:  Adam and Eve - However the script is not about Adam and Eve.  The skit is about making good choices or wrong choices.  Interactive - Discussion: How come children who make good choices and children who make bad choices are both the apple of God's eye? Ends with each child receiving a real apple if Possible or an apple sticker if not a real one.

3. Food for the Multitude     Preparation for First Eucharist

Jesus Feeds 5,000.  Interactive - pass out oyster crackers/gummy fish.    Discussion: What will YOU be like with Jesus inside of you?  Addresses - we are not really eating Jesus' body and drinking His blood but in faith we are because Jesus said so.

4. Bee-Attitudes      Pre-school / Primary

Be Happy, be nice, be safe, be good.  Interactive.  Puppet song - "You Are a Promise"

5How Do You Make Peace? Skit (funny) PowerPoint following skit (need screen and outlet).  Interactive. Can have closing activity - make something for someone as a gesture of kindness or thoughtfulness (troops, outreach, nursing home).


6. Body of Christ

How can you be Jesus in our world (service/stewardship)? When does Jesus come to you through others?  We are nourished by Eucharist to go out and be the light of Christ. Good Samaritan - "Whatever you do for the least of my brothers..." Should be followed by discussion. Includes closing ceremony: receive the mark of Jesus - "May your desire for Jesus fill your heart with His peace and His love."

7. Bread of Life 

Jesus nourishes us. He is the food of everlasting life.  The Woman at the Well. The Bread of Life discourse. Crisis in faith: for a disciple. Jesus says, "Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life." This saying is hard and some cannot accept it. Jesus is always waiting for our reconciliation and return to faith with open arms. Josh Groban: My Confession; You Raise Me Up. Ending - Jesus sends us out with the command "Feed my sheep". Follow with discussion, quiet prayer time, possibly a feast - bread, fruit, drink.

8. The Word of God (mime)

Everyday scenarios and clowns mess up. They are called by the angel of light to the ambo and to the Word of God. They listen and change. They understand, are reconciled and healed. They go back into life and mess up again and again. Always called back with good results but finally loose confidence and ask angel to go with them. But no, instead they are given the bible and are gifted with the Word of God to take back and keep and use as a part of their daily life. They are delighted to find that this gift of The Word fills all their wants and needs.