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Dear Family,

We are all aware of the terrible news stories of the last week and a half. As a priest, I am sickened and saddened by the actions of this priest and all other priests who have abused any person, especially the young. It does not matter that these events took place decades ago. For the victims it has changed their lives forever and decades later it still haunts them as if it were yesterday. I pray daily for all the victims and I ask everyone in our parish to do the same. I had the privilege of listening to Bishop Malone on Thursday, March 1 when he gathered with all the priests of the Diocese to discuss the new program for victims of clergy abuse. This rollout was planned a week before the news came out from Mr. Whalen. Bishop Malone led us in prayer that day and he discussed with us the program. The compassion that he is showing for all victims is to be commended. I wish everyone could have witnessed in person this talk in which he expressed his heartfelt desire to help all victims of clergy abuse. He is an inspiration to us priests in the way in which he is moving forward to assist everyone he possibly can.

We have had in our Diocese for many years a person dedicated to assisting those who have been abused. She is the main point of contact. I urge anyone who has had this happen to them to contact her as soon as possible. Her name is Jacqueline Joy, Diocese of Buffalo Victim Assistance Coordinator, and she can be reached at (716) 895-3010. If you know someone who is a victim, please pass this information along to them. The Bishop can only help if victims come forward.

Again, please pray that all victims find the healing presence of God and of His Church.

In Christ’s Peace…


Rev. Steven Jekielek, Pastor

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